Jumpstart Coaching

The place to start if you are a dean or vice president and have challenges with team members of different ages - especially if you have been in your leadership role less than a year.


Why Jumpstart Coaching?


Why wait to solve your toughest leadership challenges? Sign up for Jumpstart Coaching now! Or schedule a call with Kay using the button below.

When is Jumpstart Coaching right for you? If you find yourself concerned about any of these in your campus workplace, especially if you lead different ages:

  • chronic damaging meeting behavior like tardiness, dominating, and disrespect;
  • gossip that results in bitterness;
  • resentment or misunderstanding of flexible hours policy and dress code;
  • anonymous complaints and whining;
  • drama around goals, deadlines and "unfairness";
  • lots of shrugging shoulders; or
  • lack of accountability or willingness to take responsibility.

*Even if you have trouble with just one person, it's highly likely the frustration is affecting your entire team - whether or not they tell you.

If you've been in your current leadership role less than a year, Jumpstart Coaching can also help you quickly overcome

  • overwhelm;
  • too many priorities;
  • impostor syndrome;
  • and too many demands on your limited time.

Need more information before you sign up to start solving your toughest leadership issues?

With Jumpstart Coaching, for only $997, you will get:

  • Laser-focused help with the stickiest issues causing your biggest headaches (like gossip, drama, resentment and holding grudges);
  • 8 weeks of personalized leadership coaching and support, tailored to help you tackle the specific challenges you are facing right now in your multigenerational workplace;
  • A deep understanding of your exact generational communications roadblocks;
  • Virtual coaching sessions, available no matter where you are located (no in-person meetings);
  • FAST results, if you are willing to do the work; and
  • Lifetime access to "Decoding Intergenerational Communications" online course (a $797 value!)

Imagine yourself confidently tackling your toughest issues at work, being the leader of generations you want to be. That's what Jumpstart Coaching can do for you.

Facilitator On Fire will contact you within one business day to schedule your first Jumpstart Coaching session!

Your Coach and Guide

Kay Coughlin is CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire. Facilitator on Fire helps deans, vice presidents and the HR directors who support them demolish multigenerational communication barriers on campuses. Kay helps change mindsets by offering leadership seminars, individual and group coaching and decision-making summits.

In Kay’s work as a leadership coach and facilitator, she has observed a set of common myths and strongly-held beliefs about what others “should” be like based on their age. Yet higher education leaders who want to be future-focused can’t afford to let intergenerational assumptions and miscommunication get in the way of what is possible for their institutions. So, Kay developed her “3 Keys to Great Intergenerational Leadership,” which are: be clear, do not make excuses for people, and model the behavior you want to see. Using these “3 Keys” as a foundation, she helps leaders and business teams learn to listen, strive to understand their colleagues, and achieve the extraordinary, together.


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