Connecting Across Generations

The workshop that helps you overcome reluctance, resistance and animosity between generations - and get results from people of all ages

For leaders, intergenerational team members, and the Human Resources professionals who support them.

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"It was great having Kay on our campus to do a day-long seminar about Intergenerational Communication.  We thought this training would be helpful for both internal and external constituents – and we were right!  We are a two-year community college and we serve students of all ages.  As a matter of fact, our average age is 27.  Between serving students still in high school, right out of high school and adults of all ages, it is extremely important for our staff to be aware of communication differences between the generations.  And our faculty, staff and administration is also comprised of individuals from across the generation spectrum – so it is important to be aware of differences within our organization as well."

- Amy Adams, Vice President, Planning and Advancement, Marion Technical College

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In "Connecting Across Generations" your team will learn:

  • What's really different about communication between the five generations in our workplaces today - and how to leverage it when it matters the most;
  • Why succession planning is really so challenging;
  • How to treat team members of all ages as individuals instead of blaming their actions on their age stereotypes;
  • Why younger generations want to be promoted faster than is traditional, and how to see that as a competitve advantage;
  • How to leverage a difference in ages to become a great asset, especially if you want to attract talent of all ages.

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Do you, like most Leaders we work with, face these challenges:

  • Effectively communicating with one or more of the five generations in our workplaces today;
  • Developing the emotional intelligence of team members;
  • Skepticism or lack of empathy between team members of different ages;
  • Promoting connection and collaboration on an intergenerational team;
  • Resistance to changing workplace practices like flexible schedules, technology shifts and dress code.

"I learned how to stop overthinking things, and not put unspoken expectations on every interaction."

Karen, Director of Nursing Care (Cleveland, OH)

You can't afford to miss this workshop if you want to be a Leader who:

  • Improves communication with, and across, all generations on your team;
  • Leads with empathy while holding firm to goals and plans;
  • Cuts easily through drama and manipulation;
  • Celebrates and leverages the unique gifts, dreams and experience of each member of your team;
  • Overcomes resistance and instead, builds buy-in;
  • Creates a welcoming, attractive and high-achieving culture for all generations on your team, and ultimately, for your organization.
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Your Guide and Facilitator

Kay Coughlin is CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire. Facilitator on Fire helps leaders and multi-generational teams demolish barriers and roadblocks, and change mindsets, by offering leadership seminars, coaching and decision-making summits.

In Kay’s work as a leadership coach and facilitator, she has observed a set of common myths and strongly-held beliefs about what others “should” be like based on their age. Yet leaders who want to be future-focused can’t afford to let intergenerational assumptions and miscommunication get in the way of what is possible for their organizations. So, Kay developed her “3 Keys to Great Intergenerational Leadership,” which are: be clear, do not make excuses for people, and model the behavior you want to see. Using these “3 Keys” as a foundation, she helps leaders and business teams learn to listen, strive to understand their colleagues and clients, and achieve the extraordinary, together.

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